Other services

SIA „PBLC Biznesa centrs” arrange and provide different services related to property management:

  • Different project management services;
  • Construction project management systems;
  • Construction monitoring and consulting services;
  • Construction works control services;
  • Services on completion of buildings (renovation, construction works etc.);
  • Services on preparation of technical inspection and expert opinion;
  • Accounting services;
  • Record keeping provision (keeping of database and accountancy);
  • Calculation of leasing/management and utility payments;
  • Legal services;
  • Representing client’s interest in public institutions in matters regarding real estate;
  • Successful cooperation with tenant service providers;
  • Providing private experts in heat, water-supply, electricity, ventilation and other systems for the needs of private and legal owners;
  • Woodworker services;
  • Meter verification;
  • Operative service (emergency response unit 24h a day/ throughout the year).

According to the needs of customers different additional services, related to improvement of environment and functional improvement of buildings could be ensured.


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